Ariana Singer: A Brief History

I’ve never liked writing introductions.

It just feels like there is a lot of pressure to cram everything into 3 lines and that should entice a reader to continue reading your essay or project or whatever. So imagine how I’m feeling about a blog post. Although the pressure isn’t academic, it’s still there, which is why I’m just going to glaze over it and just write about something else instead.

So instead of a “my first post” post, where I talk about the direction of this blog, I’m just going to tell a brief story my life until now. It includes little milestones. It’s told in the third person, don’t freak out.

It was probably a gloomy Monday morning, on 28 August 1995 when Princess Ariana was born. I say gloomy because I was born in Cape Town, South Africa and it was winter so I’m making an educated guess here. Ariana’s parents were really excited to have a healthy baby girl, considering the fact that they assumed she would be a boy.

Ariana did the usual baby things for a few years – eat, sleep, play with funny toys. At the age of 3, she discovered her taste for watermelon.Chocolate cake shortly followed but unfortunately did not remain a favourite to this day. While Ariana was growing up, her mother owned a clothing factory. This was where Princess Ariana began stealing hearts and cuttings of velvet. She has been exposed to the wild world of fashion literally since she was born.

Once she was old enough, Ariana started going to pre-primary school, and probably that one that comes before it. This was where she began eating broccoli; she made a few friends too. On her first day of pre-primary school, Ariana was bitten on the arm but a hyper active child. They remain friends today (somehow).

At the start of primary school, Ariana learned how much she loved stationary catalogues. She has spent the rest of her life obsessing over cute pens and highlighters. She doesn’t care much for rulers. Primary school was largely enjoyable for Ariana. She made lots of friends, occasionally bunked her singing lessons, actually liked PE class and spent every Wednesday afternoon in the cooking class. She was even awarded the coveted “cooking prize” at their end of school graduation. Bless.

Middle school is fortunately a blur for Ariana. Three years of misery. I’m exaggerating a little bit here, but it wasn’t a fun time for the young girl. This was when the acne kicked in. Need I say more?

Ariana liked, if not loved, high school. I don’t know why. This was where she was able to study subjects she enjoyed, she solidified friendships with the seemingly best crowd of kids, oh, and the acne cleared up. She studied English, Maths, AP Maths (shame), Afrikaans, IT, Biology and Physics and she loved every second of each class, except physics.  Her teachers were great, her friends were amazing and her school was kind of okay. She had an honours blazer for being in the choir (guess why she stayed singing) and a Nerd Herd of her own. As most teenagers do, Ariana started drinking at parties when she was about 16. Don’t worry, she never got too drunk and doesn’t have embarrassing stories to share (not on this blog anyway). Clubbing followed suit. Again, no serious stories to tell here.

Then Ariana went to study a BA in Psychology at the University of Cape Town. This degree turned into a Psychology and Film degree, which then evolved into a specialised Interactive Media degree with neuropsychology. Princess is super smart (not really though). Ariana had the best time at university. She made so many friends from all over. She learnt that the art to making friends was super simple and maybe she’ll make a blog post about it in the future.

Ariana is currently pursuing an Honours degree in Film. Yay. Fun. She is really eager to complete it and begin travelling and working, yet she is dreading the real world. Don’t worry, I’ll post a photo of her now.


So that’s me up there. At the time that photo was taken I was in Hong Kong. Curly hair and all. If you want to learn about me though, then you can head on over to my about page and hopefully I’ve got some juicy things to tell you about myself. Currently, it’s still a work in progress but it’ll be sorted soon! I swear!

X Ariana


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