It’s my third blog post and I already don’t know what to share with you. Talk about writer’s block. I should probably tell you a little bit more about me. If you’ve been following my blog, you would have read my brief history and you’ll know that I love penguins. For your convenience, I complied a list of things that I love in a little A-Z below. Provided that you’re interested of course. Obviously I am not here to force you to read them.

Yes, there will be pictures too. Yes, each story is loosely based on the letter because I don’t know too many words that begin with Q, X, and Z.


Vain? Self-absorbed? Arrogant? No. I just think that it’s super important to love and look after yourself before anyone else. I like my name a lot, so good job mom and dad. I also love Asia so below is Ariana in Asia (Hong Kong, if we’re being exact).



Say what you will, but bagels play a very important role in my life. So does cheesecake. When I was little, there was a deli down the road from my house that specialised in bagels. Needless to say, there were always bagels in the house. Sesame seed, poppy, mini bagels. We didn’t discriminate. The shop closed down and I suffered from serious bagel withdrawal for about 8 years because nobody else in Cape Town boiled their bagels. Worse, they just made rolls in the shape of donuts and baked them. The horror. Thankfully there has been a nice bagel trend here in Cape Town and I’m getting bagels left, right and centre. My favourite deli, New York Bagel reopened as a little restaurant and all if well in the world again.



The easiest source of happiness. Feeling blue? Here’s a cute bright pink cupcake to cheer you up. I don’t want to be all airy fairy and say that I depend on colour psychology, but I’ve always been a firm believer that colours affect moods. Better yet, colours just make me happy. I could never live a monochromatic instagram life. I never learnt about neutral colours. I might not love every colour (orange ew) but I like most of them. Colours just make me a happy happy girl. Whether it’s a bright lipstick, or a baby blue handbag, colours make a big difference. Here, take a little glimpse into my shirt shelf.



Now I know that I just went on an entire tangent about colours, so you think I’m referring to that. I am. I do have my (many) days where I just wear black. But I also mean darkness in the night time sense of the word. I’m not a 3am kind of gal, but I love to look up at the stars whenever I get the chance. Things often look better in the dark too.


The first thing I look at when I meet someone is their eyes. I look to see if they’re kind. Then I move in closer for a colour check. I’m short sighted and wear contact lenses, but they only help so much sometimes. My dad has bright blue eyes and my mom has dark green. Luckily for me, the genetic gods were in my favour when they blessed me with green eyes. I love my eyes. They’re a bit little but they’re pretty. I also love other people’s eyes. They’re so expressive and you can really see someone’s true emotions by just looking at their eyes. Eyes are just pretty. Pretty pretty pretty.


Cat fur. Bunny fur. Dog fur. Fluffy animal fur basically. I also like fur coats but never shall the two mix. Faux fur is the future. It’s warm and ultra cosy. A good FAUX fur coat will never go out of style.



Lame, I know, but it is super important for ladies to encourage and empower other women. Women are incredible and are capable of so much. Instead of bringing each other down, let’s focus on helping to show the world who is boss.


I’m not particularly proud of it, but it is a fact that I cannot deny. I hoard. I don’t deserve my own show on TLC, but sometimes (read: often) I struggle to throw things away. I may not ever use something but I’ll still keep it for just in case. Clothing label? Keep. Why? I don’t know. Shopping packet? Keep. Why? Storage? I have a little corner of shopping bags because I’m special.



Do I actually need to elaborate?


At first I typed out that I don’t own too much, but I looked around and realised that I actually have a huge amount of jewellery. I prefer gold jewellery, rose gold if we’re being particular, since it complements my skin tone quite nicely. I’m currently really into big yellow gold earrings, but I obviously can’t find any. Welcome to the South African life. Chokers are cool but I’m bored of them now. I like rings but I struggle to style them, especially when I want to wear more than one per hand. I can’t take that kind of commitment. I own like three bracelets and too many pairs of earrings that I don’t wear. I’ll add a photo of my favourite items. Ps. my total pet peeve is when gold coloured jewellery turns silver or green.



I like kitchens. Big whoop. I like spending time in them, I like cooking in them, eating in them etc. My hobbies include going to homeware stores and making an imaginary list of crockery and appliances for my future kitchen. A pastel coloured Kitchen Aid is obviously on the list, I’m still deciding on the colour.


I can see those judgy eyes. Be nice. I just like leopard print. I always have. It’s timeless and it’s classy – assuming you’ve gotten a nice print. Top tip: the print needs to look real, asymmetrical, the less perfect it is, the better. Growing up, my mom and her best friend almost always wore something leopard and it was also done so tastefully. There is definitely an art to wearing leopard print, and I like to think I’ve perfected it, like my mom and her friends. In my opinion, if you can pull off leopard print, you can pull off anything. (All of my nice and dark leopard prints were in the wash when I took this photo).



That’s my cat. He’s completely gorgeous and if anyone should be a model, it’s him. He’s about 10 years old and he’s half Burmese, half Abyssinian. He likes tuna and chicken, unusually timed cuddles, bathrooms, dogs and playing with ping pong balls. I might make an entire post about him soon. Here are some test shots we took the other day.



Although it took about 19 years for me to get my own nickname, I love giving them to people. Some names are good, others aren’t but I swear they’re all a bit funny. I once called someone that I wanted to friendzone Angelpuff. Worked like a charm.


I only like orchids because my house is flooded with them. Currently they’re all dead, but I sweat my house is full of them. There is just something about orchids that middle aged women just love, am I right? It’s such a mom plant to love. I can’t understand why because they’re so hard to care for. Perhaps they like the challenge. On that note, I also fragrances that feature the scent – please appreciate my pun there. Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford is one of my favourite perfumes ever. It’s sweet and seductive. While I’m making puns and jokes, Orchard road in Singapore is one of the best places to shop. For an extra joke, here is a photo I took of orchids in Orchard road.



Anywhere. Any type. Almost any time.


Phew. Thought of something. I can be quirky at times, maybe it’s because I’m still too young to be considered eccentric? I have a fun fashion sense, a great sense of humour and sometimes people buy me things that I doubt they would buy any of their other friends. For example, a BRIGHT orange leather jacket. Please refer to COLOUR for why this is a problem.


Reading is one of the most underrated activities. What are you doing now? Reading. I just think it’s such a gift and I truly wish that I could teach every single person in the world to read. It’s just important and so rewarding. My favourite books are murder mystery/thrillers and the first series I ever read was Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging by Louise Rennison. It’s a total teen read, but if you’re a young teen please do yourself a favour and give them a read. I don’t own too many hardcopy books anymore because I have a kindle. I’ll always keep my books because they’re special and irreplaceable.



I love the series so much that I am writing my thesis on it. Stay tuned for that. I also like singing, salads (ew right?), sunglasses and skin care.


I may not be the best traveled person, but it is definitely one of my best-loved hobbies. I love being exposed to novel cultures and to explore a city completely different to mine. I also really like trying new foods (that’s a lie, but I will occasionally try new food). I’m not one of those people that wants to go to every country in each continent but there are definitely a lot of places on my “to travel to” list, which is actually ever growing. Travelling is such a privilege and I am so fortunate that I’ve been able to do so much of it in my short life thus far.



Shame I’m trying here. I’m not one of those crazy people wearing tin foil hats who claim to have been abducted by aliens. I just believe that in the entire universe, there must be some other life form out there. It can’t just be us shmucks.


You’ll never meet someone more obsessed with velvet even if you tried. I’m all about textures, and there is just something about velvet that is so impeccably rich and luxurious. It was probably the first fabric I could ever identify and I’ve been bizarrely attached ever since.  I’d say I’m obsessed. Don’t get me started on the jewel tones. Blankets. Shoes. Leggings. Shirts. Name it. I’ve got it all. Please note the double whammy leopard print velvet skirt in the picture.



I just have this thing for time pieces. They can elevate any look and are a complete necessity when leaving the house. Some may think watches are redundant, but I think smart watches are stupid so there we go. My first watch was covered in dolphins and the hands were different colours to help me tell the time. Unfortunately I lost it a long time ago, but I’ve made up for it since. I dream of  Patek Philippe. Here are some of the watches that I could fit on my arm, please note the ~quirky~ ORANGE one.



The love of my life, except he doesn’t know or care since he’s gay. He’s definitely my favourite director, in fact he’s an auteur. I wrote essays on this, trust me. He’s an immensely talented young guy who creates moving films. My favourite was Heartbeats, I’d strongly recommend it. 


I don’t know how to speak it but it is definitely my favourite language. It’s just so expressive, universal and best of all, almost completely insulting. Shmuck. Chutzpah. Shtick. Klutz. Oy vey. Schlep. What’s not to love?


My winning word on scrabble. It’s easy to gather letters for, and a total killer when it’s on a triple letter, never mind triple word. I also think zebras are adorable and I own a green zebra print shirt which is my all time favourite.

So there you have it, a lengthy A – Z about me. I hope you found it interesting and enjoyed reading it/scrolling through to see the titles and photos.

X Ariana


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