Spontaneous Trip Preparations

This morning something kind of crazy yet completely cool happened to me. I got a call from my aunt asking if I wanted to go to Victoria Falls with her and her family for a few days. The catch? The trip is next week.

Something you should know about me is that I am not very big on spontaneity – especially when it comes to traveling. Even more so when I’m going to a place where I have never been before. I am more of an itinerary girl. A careful check list before, enough time to get excited and pack, a few rough day plans (I’m not too stressed about getting x amount of things done in a day, but I care about certain things) and I like to know a few things about the place I’m going to before I arrive. For example, the currency, national languages (I like to learn a few basic words), climate, where I am staying and surrounds. You know, basic stuff.


So when this trip, that I’m leaving for in 9 days was sprung upon me at 9am on a Monday morning, I think it is safe to say that my immediate response was mild panic. My first instinct was to phone my mom. She raised me well. I relayed all of the information to her while I was going for a run/walk/cycle combo on the elliptical at gym. I actually don’t know what that movement is called, but that’s irrelevant for now. My mom and I briefly, and vaguely, discussed it. The conclusion was that I must think about it carefully, as the trip is soon and I do have a fair amount of work to do.

Before I finished my workout, I texted my mom a simple “I want to go”. I came home, grabbed my passport and sent the relevant information to my aunt’s travel agent, Julie, who was really kind and helpful.

So now I’m anxiously waiting to hear details about the holiday. I’m assuming my aunt and uncle have planned it all out. It is a three day trip to Zambia, and from there I think we’re going to Victoria Falls. Victoria Falls can be accessed from Zimbabwe and Zambia – apparently the Zambia side is nicer.

I’m most excited about this trip because my mom and her brother grew up in Zambia, so it will be really amazing to see where they lived, where their schools were and to finally get visuals to the stories my mom has told me.

I know this blog post was a bit of a jumbled mess, but that is how I’m feeling right now. A true mix of emotions. I’ve had a pretty hectic few weeks and this has honestly just elevated my mood to a new dimension. I haven’t felt like I’ve had something to look forward to something in a while.

I don’t know how to pack. I don’t know what size suitcase to take. I don’t have a book to read. I don’t know someone coming with us. I don’t have any sneakers. I don’t know what to pack. I’m a mild mess.

I’ll update you as time goes on, and I will (obviously) make a blog post all about it once I’m back. Expect lots and lots and lots of photos.



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